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I Firmly Believe That Fostering Meaningful Relationships Is The Cornerstone of Sustainable Growth But You HAVE to Put Yourself Out There. 

There's ALOT of people out there that are generating the opportunities you and your company aspire to thrive in, yet the challenge lies in being discovered and leading with authenticity. 


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If this resonates with you, more than likely you are in a similar boat as I was.


Attending every single networking event hunting for new opportunities and relationships. 

Trying to build authority and influence with a million different coaching programs only to leave with more questions than answers. 

Struggling to maintain a consistent online presence or hiring a ton of random companies to support your growth. 

Collaborating with the wrong people and companies. 

Trying to come up with systems to sell your products and services. 

Coming up with new products and services yet no good way to deliver on them. 


You may be well on your way to building authentic influence and need the right partner to help support your continuous growth.

You may have just found the right partner to change that and we are about to get things DONE in an impactful way. 


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If you are a solopreneur, business coach, entrepreneur, athlete, thought-leader, business owner, or executive, these are for you. 👇👇



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Are you looking to bring energy and experience to your team or event? Are you looking for an experienced speaker/moderator/host with heart that's geared towards leaving your audience with tactical knowlege?

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I've spent decades learning from some of the world's top ELITE PERFORMERS having studied and collaborated with Olympic gold medalists to some of the world's top business and global thought leaders.

Here's what I've found. TO BUILD INFLUENCE and AUTHORITY you have to have a structure with systems in place as well as a process designed to get the results you desire.

You also have to START SOMEWHERE. 

Over the past several years I've been on my own personal journey and not only am I going to support you and share all the lessons I've learned, I'm going to jump in with you hand in hand. 

I may be just the right PRODUCER to support you and your efforts. 


It's True....You Will Feel The Difference When Collaborating With Me.

I create solutions and partner with individuals and companies that are committed to GET THINGS DONE AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL POSSIBLE.

I've been a part of projects and companies that have been wildly successful and ones that have failed. I've seen and experienced the difference. 

I bring EXPERIENCE AND RELATIONSHIPS with a unique blend of tenacity to get you the results you are looking for. 

How often have you collaborated with individuals or companies where you don't GET RESULTS? Let's change that today. 

Let's Create and Innovate Together



It has been both enjoyable and a great learning experience getting to know Amanda over the last few years, working together on a peer group with the Nashville Technology Council. As traditional sales person, it has been fascinating to watch Amanda communicate and message in every possible way. While engaging in person, she is always prepared and effective on social media, in videos, sharing info or interviewing experts on a relevant topic. Amanda's creative mind is only rivaled by her passion and energy, always on, always up, she motivates me every time we are together.


The National Gymnastics Association extremely enjoyed having Amanda as a speaker for our annual Coaches Summit this past year. Amanda is a great speaker, enthusiastic and able to keep an audience engaged. The subjects of her lectures and knowledge of gymnastics make a winning combination for this Summit. Her contribution to the event was invaluable and we would be honored to have her back as a speaker any time


It is an honor to write this recommendation for Mrs. Amanda Banks. She is a hard-working, motivated, ambitious, charismatic, reliable, honest, dependable, confident, and excellent communicator all you would expect from an accomplished and rising star in the modern-day business world! What set Amanda apart is her ability to relate, adapt, and inspire others in their endeavors in their moment! In the era of social media and hyper-connect has mastered the skill of direct personal interaction and contact building through genuine friendships positioning herself as a catalyst for creating and empowering opportunities!

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